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E-cig, E-liquid and Vaping Gadget Technology  ReviewsThe promise of electronic cigarettes is straightforward: Lifelong smokers can wean themselves off a toxic habit in favor of an alternative that isn’t packed with tobacco and dozens of unsafe carcinogens.

Every electronic cigarette has at least three main components:-
battery the tank, and the atomizer coil


May 2020 - We are looking into devices which do not requite refilling with liquids.


Reviewed the tasty e-liquid flavours by T-Juice.


I Trial and review the MediPen which delivers CDB is legal in the UK.



Hi, the item arrived Thursday 28th, and by 3 days later the coil is burnt out..

This is not good at all, i could smell electrical type burning whilst in my car, which did alarm me somewhat.

I searched for a source and was worried my car was about to catch fire or something.

It was only when I took the device out of my pocket I noticed it had been this going off whilst empty.

This is how it looked after refilling. Have emailed the company and they have swapped out a replacement pod.

joyetech exceed grip pod burnt out protection failed leaking brown gunk yuck.

Vaporesso Revenger 220w Dual Battery Mod with Battery



Vaping Batteries Explained: What to buy? What is the Best Battery? IMR INR 18650 Batteries for Sub Ohm Vaping


Battery Charger Review and Test - Xtar VC4 v Nitecore D4

Xtar VC4 v Nitecore D4 - Charger Review and Test video


Aspire Odyssey Mini Kit - Triton Tank + Pegasus 50w Temp Mod


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Video Reviews of the New E-cigs Vaping now recommended by Health Authorities.

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